Bike Cleaner PREMIUM Professional degreaser cleaner 400ml

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Bike Cleaner PREMIUM Spray 400ml

Professional cleaner and degreaser packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Chain and brake disc cleaner Bike Cleaner Premium Spray is an ecological colorless cleaner developed for bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles - a chemical compound with a low viscosity and a relatively low boiling point. Low viscosity means that the product can easily penetrate even hard-to-reach elements of the chain and dissolve undesirable substances (oil, grease, dirt). The low boiling point allows them to be distilled and evaporated. The combination of organic solvents and corrosion inhibitors used does not cause corrosion on metal elements and evaporates quite quickly together with the dirt carried along with the solvent. The agent can be used on all metal parts of a bicycle and motorcycle that can be re-painted. Another unique advantage of the eLube cleaner is that it dilutes and removes rust from metal surfaces without causing further corrosion (cleaned elements are covered with a thin layer of anti-corrosion agent), and evaporation is very fast (about 1 minute) and leaves no traces after several sprays on dirty surfaces solid residues. It should be noted that some elements of dirt, e.g. sand from the cells, cannot be washed out by themselves, here you need to use pressurized water or mechanical cleaning elements.

The Bike Cleaner from eLUBE by ABS Serwis can also be used to penetrate and loosen baked metal surfaces, most often with hardened layers of glue, tar or grease. Even from such smooth surfaces as glass, we can remove the most common dirt without using a brush or cloth. In practice, it turns out that a 400 ml container lasts a long time and in this respect Bike Cleaner Spray wins over most of this type of products on the market. Bike Cleaner degreaser has been developed to quickly and safely remove even the most stubborn dirt and chain grease using advanced solvents without the need for a cloth or brush. Its newly developed formula deeply penetrates the dirty elements, removes them and leaves a unique protective layer of synthetic compounds that interact with all types of chain lubricants. The synthetic coating left on the surface is neutral to sliding coatings, silicones, paints and varnishes. The cleaner is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.