CABLING 30ml - lubricant for cables

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Hybrid Cable Lubricant - 30ml

Cable grease packed by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Bowden cables, because the technically correct name of the clutch, gas, derailleur or brake cable consists of a steel cable working in a metal armor protected from the outside with a layer of plastic. Typical damage to the cables is: a broken end at the point of attachment to the handle or roll-gas, worn armor cover, hard work resulting from dirt or dried grease inside the armor. If we have solved the dilemma posed by many cyclists and motorcyclists, to lubricate the armored cable or not to lubricate it, we must remember that the lubricant with which we intend to lubricate the cable must meet a number of requirements resulting from the construction of the cable and the conditions of its operation. We offer a lubricant that is a combination of lubricating oil and solid lubricant under the name Cabling Hybrid from eLUBE by ABS Serwis.

It is a silicone-based liquid blend of inorganic lubricants enhanced with lubricating additives and additives to support water displacement. Thanks to this structure, the grease is resistant to chemicals, mineral oils, water and high temperatures. The fluid and highly adhesive lubricant is easy to use and should last the life of the line. Its consistency ensures that it will not dry out and will provide lubrication despite dust and water that may get into the armor components. The recommended working temperature of the grease is -40 ºC to + 100 ºC.